• Real Change, Right Here On The Central Coast

    REEL Talks is a revolutionary Central Coast TED-style event showcasing world-class scientists, speakers and innovators who bring the latest news & actionable insights from the sustainability space.

    Join Us Live on May 6th, 5PM @ Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah

  • The Event

    Building on the success of the 2020 Sustainable showcase event, the CCSA is expanding into two educational events to build a more resilient and sustainable community. This event has a series of speakers, leaders in their fields, speaking on How the future can be cleaner and more prosperous for everyone.

    Hosted by the Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA)

    Where sustainability isn't a slogan it's a project.

    When: May 6th 2022, 5pm-10pm
    Red Tree Theatre 2/160-162 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah NSW 2259
    Dinner included


    What we are trying to achieve

    The aim of the R.E.E.L talks is to illuminate leaders who are taking important steps to build a more sustainable future be it a focus on improvements for Social, Environmental and Economic facets of our community. Without all three a future can not be truly sustainable.


    Walking away from the event, we expect that everyone will be inspired by the change that is happening in not only the technological realm but changes in how we manage our lives and lifestyles.


    Our speakers have all been tasked with ensuring that all scientific claims are supportable, with no political agenda and positively focussed.

    Why the name R.E.E.L Talks

    Relevant - Useable technologies and ideas that can be implemented locally to create a positive outcome for the community.

    Environmental- Practical solutions that creates a tangible positive outcome for the environment.

    Economical - Must be fundable and therefore sustainable beyond any initial grant or donation support.

    Local - Talks by doers, not just experts from or around the Central Coast

  • 2022 Speakers

    Hydrogen's Place in a Clean Future

    Sam is the principal scientist at Star Scientific, a research organisation that has developed a catalyst that greatly simplifies the equipment required to generate heat from Hydrogen. Sam is now working on the commercialisation of this technology and as such has a broad and deep understanding of the opportnities for Hydrogen as Australia transitions to a renewable energy superpower.


    In this talk Sam will share his views on the opportunities that are developing for hydrogen and how he see's it being applied in the transition from our current carbon based economy.

     Sustainable Sells

    Barbara is CEO of Milestone Bellanova, a Central Coast based marketing firm that works with clients to ensure the perception aligns with the messaging and creatively delivers the appropriate messaging to the appropriate market. This provides clients with a sustainable relationship with their customers on which to grow their enterprise. Barbara and her team has helped business grow from sole traders to national 1st in category and supports many well known brands.


    Barbara will share how sustainability has become a driving force in customer engagement and how she positions her clients to avoid green wash and build genuine sustainable experiences to their customers.

    Australia; an Energy Superpower

    Saul is an Australian engineer and inventor who has worked for the last 20+ years between MIT and silicon valley developing sustainable products from Kites that generate electricity to robotic prothesis to super efficient heat pumps.

    Saul is back in Australia promoting his vision for a carbon free world having just published his latest book "The Big Switch" where he sets out a roadmap for Australia to become an economic superpower on the back of renewable energy.


    In this talk, Saul will demonstrate what we can do with existing technologies to at the community level to improve the health, wealth and environment here on the central coast.

    Sustainable Construction

    Daniel is the Executive General Manager of Stabilised Pavements of Australia (SPA), a national pavement recycling and stabilisation company with head office on the Central Coast. SPA are leaders in road recycling technology and delivering huge reductions in cost, lead times and emissions for infrastructure asset owners.


    Daniel will share how SPA are helping customers become more sustainable and also share some of the other exciting innovations within the construction industry, with a focus on decarbonisation, waste reduction and repurposing of materials.

    Valuing Sustainability

    Trevor is Chairman for Jazoodle, an accounting software app that allows SME's to have access to the practical financial management tools that large organisations enjoy through employing CFO's.


    Trevor will share how he believes we can all profit from properly valuing businesses and assets, and how being sustainable is becoming increasingly valuable to customers, financiers and investors.

    The Kids Table

    Entrepreneurs to Share their views on:

    • Education; Did it prepared them for the world
    • What didn't work for them
    • What have been the biggest challenges in taking on the projects they are working on
    • How will they know they have finished?
    • What ultimately would they like to be working on?


  • Event Run Sheet

    5pm: Doors Open for Networking

    5:45pm: Theatre doors open - Welcome to Country

    6pm: Sam Kirk - Hydrogen's place in a Clean Future

    6:20pm: Barbara Ketley - Sustainable Sells

    6:40pm: Saul Griffith - Australia; an Energy superpower

    7pm (Intermission): Food and Networking

    7:45pm: Theatre Doors Open for second act

    8pm: Daniel Orris - Sustainable construction

    8:20pm: Trevor Hartshorne - Valuing Sustainability

    8:40pm: The Kids Table - hearing from the next generation in a Q&A style panel

    9pm: Networking

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  • 2020 R.E.E.L Talks

    Check out some of our amazing talks from last years event!

    Chris Gibey

    Graphene and next gen Smart Buildings

    Chris talked about graphene and its place in the future of smart objects including their new smart paintable resins that can detect leaks or structural faults plus a carpet tile that can monitor traffic flow and identify social distancing issues in real time.

    Matthew Hingerty

    Energy of the Future

    Matt gave an overview of the state of Hydrogen rollout around the world plus Star Scientific and its role in placing the Central Coast on the global hydrogen

    Carel Pieters

    Recycled Plastics

    Carel talked about how his company is at the forefront of building an industry around recycling plastics and biomass. With plants undergoing detailed engineering in the UK and Canada, Licella is looking for EPA permitting clarity, the right industry partners and capital to build a chemical recycling hub here on the Central Coast.

    Greg Gates

    Sustainable manufacturing

    Greg shared the virtues of building sustainability into every facet of your business . A manufacturer and financier of commercial dishwashing equipment and consumables within the hospitality industry, he will talk about award winning energy efficient commercial dishwashers and how they have pivoted to meet demand for more environmentally and people sensitive disinfectants.

    Nathan Epp

    Re-imaging Energy

    As a business that originated more than 160 years ago, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer in the world. In 2015 the company made the hard decision to divest more than €15b in coal generation to pivot to low- carbon generation; Nathan spoke on the ramifications this has had on energy markets, how ENGIE is embracing the future as a renewable gentailer, and how this disruption is creating opportunities for large and small Australian businesses.

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