• R.E.E.L Talks

    R.E.E.L Talks: Unlocking the Power of Local Innovation 

  • 4th May 2023

  • R.E.E.L Talks Concept

    R.E.E.L Talks is a unique and inspiring evening event focusing on sustainability in business and our communities. At each event, thought-provoking leaders in the sustainability space will share their insights on a selected theme and its impact on different industries, benefits to the community, and importance for future generations. We recognize that true sustainability requires a balance of social, environmental and economic considerations, which is why the aim of this event is to promote community building and encourages people to think more deeply about how we can create a more sustainable future.


    We hope that every attendee is inspired and energised by the conversations and presentations backed by science and focuses on the positive possibilities of a better future. Our speakers are committed to providing evidence-based information and a politically neutral approach.


    R.E.E.L Talks is an engaging and meaningful way to spend an evening, so please, help us shape the future! 



    What does R.E.E.L Mean to the Organisers?

    Relevant - Technologies or emerging industries that effect our current community and impact's the course of our future. 


    Environmental- An impact that has a direct correlation to a solution that has a positive effect and on the world we live in. Environmental doesn't necessarily mean the physical natural world, but can also include for an person's surroundings and human behaviour. 


    Economical - Identifying and prioritising financially responsibly and managing resources in a way that leads to long-term success. For example, this might look like minimising the expenses to income ratio, or investing now for a long term goal. 


    Local - Operating within the Sydney / Central Coast / Hunter LGA's for job creation and economic opportunities . 


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