• Energising the Future

    May 4th

    Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah

    Doors open at 5:30 pm

  • This Year's Theme

    Inspiration for this year's theme came after Saul Griffith's talk at the 2022 event where he touched base on how communities like the Central Coast could make ' The Big Swtich' and estimated an annual combined households savings of $850,000,000 per year with 2021 energy prices.


    This begs the question; How much are businesses missing out on by not converting over to renewable?


    This year, we aim to help guide businesses on the path of renewable energy through different investment 'Horizons' through those who have converted to renewables, experts in the field, and developers pushing to make a change with a chance at the end of the night to ask your own questions and settle those building concerns.


    Each speaker has committed to making sure their speech is, politically neutral, has a positive outcome and has no blatant self-promotion. The goal is to spark conversation, connection and community!

  • Our Speaker

    Our Line up of Captivating Speakers Ready to Take the Stage!

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    Greg Gates - The Old Gas BBQ

    Meet Greg, the CEO of Sirron Holdings, a company that has always been at the forefront of sustainability. Over the years, Sirron has made great strides in reducing their carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy. In fact, during the pandemic, the company converted 95% of their energy consumption to renewable sources.


    However, Greg is not one to rest on his laurels. Despite the company's impressive track record, he is acutely aware of the challenges that lie ahead, particularly with the slow uptake of renewable energy availability. And, to make matters worse, Greg has found himself facing an unexpected challenge: an old gas BBQ that threatens to undo all of Sirron's hard work.


    In his upcoming R.E.E.L talk, Greg will share his experience of pursuing an ambitious sustainability goal, and the setbacks and hurdles that come with it. He will delve into the difficulties of scaling up renewable energy and the complexities of navigating an ever-changing regulatory landscape.


    But perhaps most importantly, Greg will explore how Sirron is tackling the problem of the gas BBQ and what it represents in the broader context of sustainability. As he grapples with this unexpected challenge, he asks: has the world gone mad? And, more importantly, what can we do to make sure that the answer is no?


    Join Greg on this thought-provoking journey, as he shares his insights and experience of building a sustainable future in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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    Jon Ellis - The Powerhouse

    What does it take to create a self-sufficient community powered by renewable energy? Meet NEV Power, the company behind Narara Ecovillage, where over 60 customers generate 600 kW of solar power and store it in a 430 kWh community battery.


    But the real magic happens on the 300+ days per year when NEV Power doesn't need to draw any power from the grid. How did they achieve this impressive feat, and what lessons did they learn along the way?


    Join us for a R.E.E.L talk that will inspire and educate. Hear from the team behind NEV Power as they share their journey towards a more sustainable future, and the challenges they faced along the way. Discover the innovative solutions that allowed them to build a thriving community that runs on clean, renewable energy.


    Whether you're an energy enthusiast, an environmental advocate, or simply curious about the future of sustainable living, this talk is for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experts behind NEV Power and Narara Ecovillage.

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    Caine King - Making Renewables Attractive

    Caine is not your average architect; he is on a mission to revolutionise the way we approach sustainable design. He believes that sustainability should not be an afterthought but rather a core element of all design projects. As he likes to say, "Sustainability isn't an add-on; it's what we do."

    From simple solutons like, leasing commercial roof space for renewable energy production, businesses can create a passive income stream that can provide a stable and predictable return on investment, which can be particularly attractive if looking to diversify their revenue streams.


    So why haven't we done it yet?


    With a keen interest in challenges, Caine's passion for environmentally sustainable development has inspired a new wave of design and shaking the states quo and has started the revolution of redesigning industrial / Commercial and residential spaces to make them more energy-efficient and maximise the building potential.


    In his upcoming R.E.E.L Talk, Caine will share his insights on how renewable energy is considered when undertaking a new project, and how adding renewables isn't something to shy away from.

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    Andrew Krumn - Breaking the Carbon Chain

    Get ready to be electrified by Andrew's expertise in large linear infrastructure projects! As a technical director with a global engineering consultancy, Andrew is a master of designing and constructing projects like transmission lines and substations. But that's not all! Andrew's speciality includes the connection of renewable generation projects into the National Electricity Market.


    In his upcoming talk, Andrew is going to blow your mind with his insights on the National Electricity Market. He's going to discuss the existing penetration of renewables into NEM generation, as well as the new transmission networks under development by State government.


    Andrew is also going to dive into standalone private projects, renewable technologies, and how each will contribute to the future generation mix as we transition to a low-carbon future. You won't want to miss out on the electrifying information he's going to share

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    Matt Polo - Switching Gears

    Are you ready for a revolutionary idea that could change the way we think about transportation? Matt, the Mechatronics Engineer at Janus Electric, is here to share his insight on an emerging industry that is set to transform the way we move goods and products across Australia.


    For generations, we have heard the phrase "Without trucks, Australia stops", and we understand the fear that comes with the sudden change of attitude towards stopping the use of fossil fuels. However, Matt is going to challenge that mindset and show us a better way forward.


    As a mechatronics engineer at Janus Electric, Matt is at the forefront of developing new technologies that can transform the way we power our transportation systems. He knows that this shift won't happen overnight, but he's convinced that the benefits are well worth the effort.


    During his talk, Matt will dive into the specifics of this emerging industry, including how it works, the types of jobs it creates, and the economic benefits it provides. He'll also share some inspiring examples that are already leading the way in this space.


    So, if you're ready to learn about a new industry that has the potential to change the game for transportation, create jobs, and boost the economy, you won't want to miss Matt's talk. He's passionate about this topic, and he's sure to leave you feeling energized and inspired!

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    Q&A Panel

    After attending a series of talks on renewable energy, you may have some burning questions or concerns. This Q&A panel is the perfect opportunity to get the answers you need. Our experts will cover a range of topics, including the latest technologies in renewable energy, how to transition to a low-carbon future, and what steps businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint.


    Our panelists bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, with backgrounds in engineering, renewable energy policy, and sustainable business practices. They'll be ready to answer your toughest questions and provide insights that can help you navigate the challenges of incorporating renewable energy into your business.


    So, if you're ready to dive deeper into the world of renewable energy and get the answers you need to take action, don't miss our Q&A panel. Bring your questions and get ready to hear from some of the top experts in the field!

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