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  • 2020 R.E.E.L Talks

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    Chris Gibey

    Graphene and next gen Smart Buildings

    Chris talked about graphene and its place in the future of smart objects including their new smart paintable resins that can detect leaks or structural faults plus a carpet tile that can monitor traffic flow and identify social distancing issues in real time.

    Matthew Hingerty

    Energy of the Future

    Matt gave an overview of the state of Hydrogen rollout around the world plus Star Scientific and its role in placing the Central Coast on the global hydrogen

    Carel Pieters

    Recycled Plastics

    Carel talked about how his company is at the forefront of building an industry around recycling plastics and biomass. With plants undergoing detailed engineering in the UK and Canada, Licella is looking for EPA permitting clarity, the right industry partners and capital to build a chemical recycling hub here on the Central Coast.

    Greg Gates

    Sustainable manufacturing

    Greg shared the virtues of building sustainability into every facet of your business . A manufacturer and financier of commercial dishwashing equipment and consumables within the hospitality industry, he will talk about award winning energy efficient commercial dishwashers and how they have pivoted to meet demand for more environmentally and people sensitive disinfectants.

    Nathan Epp

    Re-imaging Energy

    As a business that originated more than 160 years ago, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer in the world. In 2015 the company made the hard decision to divest more than €15b in coal generation to pivot to low- carbon generation; Nathan spoke on the ramifications this has had on energy markets, how ENGIE is embracing the future as a renewable gentailer, and how this disruption is creating opportunities for large and small Australian businesses.